Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jerzi Girl

HaHa! She kills me. Jerzi and I were trying on hats at the store and I just had to snap this shot.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Bo Beep has lost her Sheep......

HA HA! This is Jerzi's Halloween costume! I can't wait. She will make the cutest sheep ever!

4 Months OLD!

Look at this little Diva .ha ha Jerzi was pretty tired in this pic, she just had a long day at the beach.I can't believe she is 4 months old already.She can rollover and giggle now. haha It is so fun to watch her. We have started rice cereal and sweet potatoes. She didn't spit them right out but i don't think she loved them so we will keep trying! She also loves to cuddle with her blankies and doll. Zac and I were just saying Jerzi is only 4 months old but we can't remember life before her haha! We love her soooo much. Being a Mom is such a fun, sweet, rewarding job I love it, but I did say Job because it is a lot of work but well worth it. Love you JERZI

Virginia Beach Family Vacay

Over the Holiday weekend we went to Virginia
Beach! It was so so so nice. It was in the 70s
the whole time we were there and our hotel was
on the beach so we could here the ocean all
night long. It was amazing! It was also Jerzi's
first trip to the beach at 4 months old.haha
She wasn't to sure about the sand but she
loved watching the water. We also celebrated our
3rd Anniversary! Which was on the 28th of Sept
but we didn't have a chance to celebrate it then
because we were in the process of moving to DC !
WOW alot has happened in just three years!
I can't wait for more to come. Love ya!

Monday, October 4, 2010

We made it!!!!

Yahoo! We finally made it to DC! Zac left
for DC before we did so our family was apart
for the longest 25 days of my life. haha It is so
nice to be a family again. My mom flew out
with Jerzi and I she was lots of help and we
got to see lots of sights while she was here.
Hope you enjoy the pics!!! It is so neat over

Arlington Cemetery

Kennedy family barriel place and the eternal flame.

GeorgeTown, Capital Building, and Park

After walking for ever and ever and then waiting in line for 15 min. we made it to GeorgeTown Cupcake it was well worth it. yum yum
I was so excited because I always watch the food network and i couldn't believe I was actually there haha.

Zac at George Washington University

Zac gave us a tour of the capital Building it was so so neat.

We went to a park by our house it was so much
fun. There was a fun lake and a big carasel
Jerzi went on and she loved it.

Farewell BBQ

We got to have a fun BBQ before we left to DC.
All of our friends are doing new things and moving away to go to different schools for more oppurtunity so it was so fun to hang out one last time. It is so fun to have four new babies in the mix. (Bella, Karter, Benson and Jerzi).

Zac trying to hold all the babies at once . haha

Blessing Day!

Jerzi's blessing was back in August and I am just getting around to the post .haha It was such a special day she was so good all day long. We had a luncheon afterwards at the park, Zac cooked dutchoven it was so so good. We love you Jerz!!!!