Saturday, July 25, 2009

Capital Reef National Park

So Zac and I went to Capital Reef. Why?
Zac had to go on a field trip for his online
Geology Class so it was a nice drive and we
took lots of pics! We got to drive through lots
of small towns we have never been too!
(Circleville, Kingston, Junction) ETC.

On our way home we stopped in
Circleville and so I had to take a
pic in front of the Kenz store!
Whatever that is? It made a fun pic though!

Quick Trip Through Zion

So Zac and I went to Zion and we stopped
in springdale to look at the Elk and I fead
the elk some pelletts and right as Zac took
this picture the Elk slobberd green goo all over!
So my reaction says it all!

Summer Games

Zac Swam the 50 free in the Summer Games! He did so good he got the Bronze metal! Yahoo! He had so much fun! Way to go Zacaroo! Luv ya!