Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zac's Grandparents Celebrate 50 Years!

Zac's Grandmpa and Grandma Topham celebrated 50 years of marriage on June 6th 2009.
They had an open house in Delta UT at "The Gathering Place". It was so much fun and they are too cute! It was fun spending time with all of the FAM!

Zac and I With Grandma & Grandpa Topham

Brooklynn & Shalee the cutest cousins ever

Matthew and Kyle wanted to be the door stop.

Mesquite Trip

So I am a little late posting this but we took a Mesquite trip with some friends and it was a blast!

The boys golfed at the Oasis!

Zac and Nate chillin in the golf cart.

Nice Form Babe!

Chad & Brittany, Matti & Nate, Zac & I We had
lots of fun getting some pool time in!

Brittany and I getting some sun! Maybe..... we got a little to much sun. We laid out all day our
husbands were golfing so why not right? When
they came back from golfing let's just say we
blended in to the red chairs we were sitting in
oops! It was worth it though!lol

The weekend even ended with a fantastic
firework show it was great! Thanks everyone
we had so much fun on our little get away!

Planting Time

Zac and I planted some flower pots for the summer time so we hope they last !

Dean's List

So anyone who knows ZAC knows how hard he
studies for school ,well all his hard work Finally paid off! He made the Dean's List! Yahoo! I am so proud! won't lie he was a little excited himself.