Thursday, May 14, 2009

Waiting For The Phone Call!

We love our missionary! My Brother (Bryce) is on a mission in Riverside California.
We got to talk to him on Mother's Day it was so good to hear from him, he sounds great!
He is so grown up I can't beleive it but he will always be my little" Brycee ", he hates it when i call him that. ha ha! He will be home at the end of Nov. so we can't wait but he has blessed our family so much by serving a mission. We are so proud!

We are so shocked.

Zac and I talking to my bro.

My Mom and I talking to Bryce

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday Night Crew BBQ!

so we are crazy we call ourselves "friday night crew" because we always end up getting together on friday nights. This last Friday We had a BBQ at the canyon park it was tonz of fun but it got a little chili at night so us girls had to bundle up in our blankets! ha ha

Friday Night Crew!

Me, Brittany, Heather, and Matti

Nate, Zac, Jon and Chad

Zac and I, Nate and Matti, Jon and Heather, Chad and Brittany.

Temple Trip

Zac and I and his sister Amy went to the St. George Temple. It was much needed and it was great as always.